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Galundeng-Savoury Snack (Javanese Cooking)

My sweet memory about this food is that my mother used to like them and she often bought the galundeng at a special shop.  It is a savoury food made of flour with yeast then deep fried.  I don't know the correct or proper recipe, but I remember the texture and the look. It has been a long time since I had galundeng.  My last visit to Java was about seven years ago, and I did not have a chance to have it.  I am sure my sisters would like to have them from time to time, but I believe they buy them from the shop too.  I never know if they cook them at their own kitchen.

It is almost similar to donuts.  The difference is, it is a savoury not a sweet dish.  I think the dough has egg and it consists of lard instead of oil.  They are deep fried in vegetable or coconut oil, moist and slightly crisp on the outside but soft in the middle.  They are served at room temperature.
These savouries are very popular for take away snacks in the city of Yogyakarta.

This morning I tried to make some galundeng with a twist:  I used my own dough (there is no egg and no lard in it).  Instead of ordinary galundeng I put some filling of sliced strips lean bacon. I deep fried them in hot vegetable oil until golden.  There are delicious,  to serve warm or hot.
What you need is a batch of Susy's Pizza Dough, Oil for Deep frying, Lean bacon strips for the filling, it makes about 16.

Susy's Galundeng
a batch of Susy's pizza dough
(the recipe:look up the older post 17-2-2012)

The dough

How to Do

Galundeng is for snacking but it is a little filling to my liking,  in fact I love to have it for a lunch, take two pieces of galundeng plus a piece of fruit.  It makes a very substantial lunch.

I think those picture above are self explanatory, anyone can cook galundeng, enjoy and have fun.

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  1. Wow, did you ever make that for us? I can't remember eating them ...

    1. No Jane, I was not too sure about the recipe.
      You can try now, it is very easy.